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Hosting An International Exhibition In Your Own Country

Just like with international musical events and international cooking shows that happen in your country, an international art exhibition is likely to draw in large crowds and bring in a lot of money. There are likely to be many art enthusiasts in your country who rarely have the opportunity to witness the work of their idols and also rarely have the opportunity to display their own work. Hosting an art exhibition of this kind will only bring in money but will also serve as a platform for young up and coming artists in your own country to gain recognition among art enthusiasts and art collectors in your own country. If you manage to bring down the right people and if you do your marketing correctly, you will find that some art collectors are even willing to travel to your country from neighboring countries in order to witness the work of their favourite artists.
Planning your eventWhile it has the potential to bring in a lot of money, an event of this magnitude is likely to need a lot of planning ahead. You may possibly need to spend between six months to a year a planning your event and marketing it to people in order to achieve what you have in mind. First you will need to start working on a budget that outlines all costs involved with the event. Your main costs will include art shipping services for the pieces that you will bring down, flights and accommodation costs for all international artists, exhibition hall rental services and of course catering for the night itself. Check this China art customs clearance.
One way that you will be able to save money is to try and get as much sponsorship as you possibly can in exchange for displaying the logo and advertising details of the sponsors. For an example, as this will be an international event with many prominent guests, you might find that the art shipping Services Company would be happy to offer their services for free in exchange for having their logos and details displayed at the event. Getting sponsors for as many things as possible is likely to save you thousands.
Music, food and entertainmentAs you will be having many high profile guests, you will need to have the catering at the event professionally done. You may opt to have a launch event such as a wine event separately for only artists and guests before the event is officially opened to the public or you may charge a high rate to all guests and include catering as part of your package. This will likely bring in mostly high profile guests to your event.